EMCC's summer news letter


The Summer 2015 edition of the EMCC Newsletter is now available to read or download from EMCC's international website.


In this edition:

  • Everywhere you turn you hear on the television or read in the newspapers about Greece - well here's your opportunity to find out what is going on in EMCC Greece and then read an article about Solidarity Coaching in Greece and how they're trying to make a difference
  • Read the mid-year review from the EMCC International President of EMCC and her president's portfolio
  • See who was awarded an EIA or EQA in April-June 2015 and who has been awarded our first ESIA accreditations
  • Catch up with what's been happening in Marketing and read the reflections of Vice-president Marketing on his 250 days in the role
  • Find out how we can do more in Standards - with your help!
  • Read the farewell from the out-going Vice-president Research and his look back at his three years as VP
  • Then read an interview with our new Vice-president Research - just 20 days into his role - and hear about his background, what his plans are for EMCC Research and find out about his personal motivations and what drove him to take on the VP Research role
  • Browse through an interview with the Director of Marketing and Communications in EMCC United Kingdom
  • Read a review of our 5th Research Conference in Warsaw just ended in June and hear more about our 22nd Annual Conference in Istanbul in November
  • And lots more.....


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